Alternative/Renewable Solutions and Energy Saving Lighting - "Advanced iNERGIES provides energy and money saving solutions"
Advanced iNERGIES
(Formerly Advanced NRG Solutions)

is a multifaceted, independent manufacturers representative, engineering consultant and business broker firm. Unlike many other manufacturers representatives, consultants, advisors and business brokers.

We provide products and solutions for both residential and commercial properties including industrial applications that will save the end user energy and money. There are investment opportunities as well.

A unique company providing profitable energy saving and Eco-friendly solutions for both individual's and businesses including building owners, home builder's, distributors, contractors and retailer's.
We also represent revenue generating business opportunities associated with alternative energy.

The advocating of specific Eco-friendly, technical, energy saving solutions is our objective; our focus is on the technologies and companies in our network.
This site is tailored to those that like making educated decisions and have no problem with reading.
Explaining the economic viability of implementing specific solutions and providing those solutions to you is our focus. Our service and resources are no cost to you.

Our business is based on performance, results and the value we bring to the companies in our network.
We bring value to those in our network by developing new business, finding product placement opportunities and providing technical support for the solutions each provides.

We help our clients (you) save and earn with cost effective profitable technologies and solutions.
Established to provide information; to educate and to provide product acquisition, recycling and other services to parties interested in specific commodities as well as profitable solutions that will save energy and make money. We provide a plethora of information and opportunities on this site. We want clients to make educated decisions on their acquisitions and investments.

                               *2015 Energy Efficiency Tax Credits

We are educating and building toward an environmentally friendly America & World by researching technologies and working with companies that take advantage of the existing energy infrastructure and those that are implementing solutions that are needed now and are profitable. We then put these companies and their products and services with end users, consumers, business owners and investors. Some opportunities are profitable non-transitional technologies that utilizes our existing infrastructure as we work toward improved longer term zero emissions solutions, but all the technologies and their processes are less harmful to the planet and will save you money by implementing and using them.
Our advice to you is completely based on what's best for you and the planet...period.
We think it's the only arrangement that's fair to clients.
We understand successful partnerships occur and only when all parties are benefiting. Our goal is to make everyone more aware of profitable solutions and improve lives.
The networked team of companies and talented professionals we work with are committed to building lifelong relationships with clients based on honesty, clear communication, prompt service and results.
We use the best research and technology resources available to identify, promote and invest in opportunities.
The companies in our network have programs and products we believe are the future technologies
that will earn money while benefiting the planet by implementing solutions. 
Should you need skilled technical advice, a business broker or assistance finding and understanding specific technologies, products and/or services in the energy sector that are profitable now and will increase in value in the future, we'd be happy to provide suggestions and solutions.

Click the  solutions tab above for online purchasing of several of our and money saving solutions. *Hyper-linked data on most pages!
All our opportunities allow you to conduct business direct with the manufacturer's or affiliates through our network eliminating unnecessary markup, so you are provided the best technologies and solutions at the best value. In some cases there may be shipping charges.

Our focus is in profits from alternative energy technologies & energy saving products and solutions
Position yourself to increase your profits with educated decisions
as it relates to your investments in time and money.
We do our best to assist you in your due-diligence efforts.
If your interested in saving money and this planet, interested in profitable recycling and using alternative energy solutions as well as creating wealth for you and your family all while reducing carbon emissions & creating an energy independent America...
We at Advanced iNERGIES would enjoy consulting with you.
Let's discuss how the energy saving solutions and services that we represent can assist you in achieving your personal energy saving and financial goals.  

  • Ask for a demonstration or a project evaluation of our Premium Energy Saving Lighting and see the improved lighting & cost difference for yourself.
  • Possibly pay more up front, but you save money monthly until the lamps pay for themselves!
  • Longer life lamps eventually equate to a profit!
     (We have solutions for single phase and three phase power)

                         (Below are application areas for our energy saving lights)
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