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About Us
Our firm is based on the belief that our client's understanding, their due-diligence efforts and meeting their specific financial requirements are key to a profitable business relationship. Understanding our clients financial goals as well as their energy saving objectives allows us to connect the right people and companies with the right profitable opportunities, solutions and products. Our entire team is committed to discovering, understanding and meeting the needs of our clients. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We appreciate you spreading the word about our site and for taking your valuable time to review the information provided.

Being results oriented, we started Advanced iNERGIES (formerly Advanced NRG Solutions) in 2008 (actually 2007) to work with past, existing and future partners interested in networking, alternative energy solutions, commodities profits and energy saving products for your home or business.
Our Responsibilities (click the image of the earth)
Promoting and educating individuals and groups on the advantages of implementing Energy Saving Technologies for your home and business and the tax advantages associated. Promoting the acquisition of energy saving and earth friendly products like Power Conditioning units, Air Purifiers and Water Treatment units. We also provide Plumbing solutions. To promoting technologies ranging from Tank-Less Water Heaters, Premium Energy Saving Lighting, Solar Products and Bio-Diesel Processors to advanced technological solutions like Gasification for "Synthesis Gas" & Algae Production Systems. We are also involved in a true Bio-Gas as it relates to a modular gas to liquid process that converts methane to methanol.

We also advocate Compressed Air Technology used in automobiles.
We have now added profitable Recycling which turns waste into profit's... all are technologies we want to see grow in implementation and are a focus of this firm.
We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best solutions and opportunities for profitable returns on your interests as well as providing you the best cost & energy saving solutions, products and services available... all while helping the planet. We need to take care of our planet so it can continue to provide for us!
Words of Wisdom...           Ecc 11:2,       1 Timothy 5:8,  Proverbs 13:11,  15:22 & 19:2
                                       (On Diversifying)       (On Providing)         (On Wealth)          (On  Knowledge)
André D. Henderson, Sr.
Technical Solutions Provider, Business Broker (Finder)
and Independent Manufacturer's Representative
Location: Rowlett, Texas
Skype ID: andre.d.henderson
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