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Air Purification - FreshAir Cube, Surround & Personal

(RCI) Technology

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Indoor Purifiers (Several Types even personal units)
Clean air is vital to the body, and it's important for you and your whole family. So, if air is so important, shouldn’t it be the best it can be?

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Sometimes it’s just a lingering odor, or a tobacco or otherwise unpleasant smell.

Many simply want peace of mind that their families are not breathing the stuff found growing in the basement. An active filtration system is used to clean the air.

  • The air purification products have stood the test of time, with over 5 million units sold and a 98% positive customer satisfaction rating.

  • Units available for different room sizes for maximum efficiency.

  • Their (RCI) Technology is unique and their philosophy is simple – research the natural processes happening outside, and use technology to re-create those effects for cleaner, fresher air inside your home or office.
  • Perfect for family rooms, dens, basements, businesses, day-cares, waiting rooms, indoor public gathering places etc...
  • Eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and germs in the air and on surfaces.
  • Reduced medical bills from less exposure to harmful bacteria and germs.

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