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Power Conditioning and Surge Protection

Continental Power Corporation is a developer and manufacturer of PowerwoRx state-of-the-art Power Conditioning Systems available for homes and industry. Continental has been in business for over 15 years with thousands of satisfied customers. Each system is UL approved and includes a 10 year warranty so you can count on the PowerwoRx to deliver for years to come!

  • Your expensive electronics, appliances, and electrical machinery are under constant assault by power surges and spikes, waste of electricity brought on by unused capacity and electrical noise. It is typically costing you significant amounts in not only your electric bill but also in the life span of your possessions.

  • There is a solution: The PowerwoRx family of Clean Power Systems for your home and business. Systems that can protect and extend the life of your loads!
  • PowerwoRx is a triple threat to poorly conditioned electricity. It eliminates waste of electricity caused by inductive motors, offers complete surge and spike protection for your entire electrical system, and reduces obnoxious noise that deteriorates your electronics over time.




  •  PowerwoRx achieves Power Factor Correction through high quality harmonic resistant long-life capacitors that provide a known reactance into an inductive load. Typical kVAR values range from approximately 2 to 60 kVAR, depending upon the model of PowerwoRx unit installed.
  • Surge and Spike Suppression is achieved via industrial quality metal oxide varistors (MOV's) placed in a variety of configurations depending on the system's phase and voltage characteristics.
  • Noise Suppression is achieved via the primary power factor capacitors and smaller capacitors in an RLC filter circuit. These are arranged within a NEMA 12-Rated enclosure (moisture, dust and tamper resistant).
  • Units are sized by voltage and phase configurations. The number of units required in a facility is determined by our certified distributors, our engineers, and a special software program we have developed for that purpose.
  • Verify the meter used and the providers billing policy's because if your meter does not measure kVA in conjunction with kW you may not see the saving's in your bill!
  • Most industrial properties use Demand Meters where they are not typically installed on residential properties. Some providers will provide upon request.
  • These units are most valuable when used with meters that measure kVA's as well as kW's.
  • Very Simple; Voltage X Current (Amps) = Power (wattage); reduce the current (amps) and reduce the power (wattage)!                                  

Residential Solutions
When it comes to electrical use, today's home is much different than it was even a decade ago. With rising energy costs and the use of electronics continuing to increase with no end in sight, our electrical systems need to be more efficient and at the same time provide better quality power. Surges, spikes and electrical noise provide a very real threat to the appliances and electronic devices in our homes.

Continental Power Corporation provides a $25,000 policy covering on the homes electronics and appliances connected to the electrical system when protected by the PowerwoRx e3. In the event of a surge or spike damaging appliances or electronics in a home where the PowerwoRx e3 is properly installed, and the PowerwoRx e3 fails to arrest the surge or spike, Continental's insurer will pay up to $25,000 total/$2,500 coverage per item.

                 Business Solutions - commercial and industrial
A unique application of proven technology, the PowerwoRx Clean Power System (CPS) provides your business with the electrical power conditioning capabilities previously available only to the largest facilities and installations. The PowerwoRx Clean Power System is easy to install by your licensed electrician and provides immediate benefits for the user.

In one cost-effective and maintenance-free package, PowerwoRx provides Power Factor Correction, Complete Surge and Spike Suppression, and Noise Filtration for both residential and business solutions.

PowerwoRx Clean Power Systems dramatically reduce operating expenses by saving energy, lowering maintenance costs and extending the useful life of motors and machinery.

  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 10 Year Limited Product Warranty
  • System Generally Pays for Itself Within 2 Years
  • Excellent for entire building's and facilities!
  • Great for applications where multiple inductive loads (motors) are in use.

The Federal government and some State government agencies offer incentives for the installation of energy savings devices. The following link provides a database of State incentives.
Check the DSIRE website for your states incentives!

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