Alternative/Renewable Solutions and Energy Saving Lighting - "Advanced iNERGIES provides energy and money saving solutions"
Energy Saving Lighting

  • LVD™ offers a wide variety of lighting products.
  • Extremely High Energy Efficiency.
  • Technology invented in 2003.
  • Over 100  World Wide Patents.
  • Greater than 100,000 hours operation per lamp
  • High CRI= >84 with available colors... varies among temperatures.
  • Temperatures ranges of 2700° K, 3500° K, 4100° K, 5000° K and 6500° K.
  • Balanced Spectrum with excellent PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation).
  • Lowest Operating Cost per hour of any technology- $.067 per hour.
  • High Lumen output and a Depreciation Rate - 5% @ 2,000 hours.
  • Greater than 100 lumens per watt (newer models) and a higher lux than competitors.
  • Wide voltage range (120-277V, 12/24DC) / wattage range (15W - 300W).
  • A typical 120 Watt LVD lamp can replace a 250 Watt High Pressure Sodium lamp.
  • Great for for new projects or for retrofitting existing properties.
  • Applications include: Shopping Malls, Super-Markets, Stadiums & Arenas, Road & Tunnel Lighting, Street Lights, Plants & Factories, Service Stations, Rail & Bus Stations, Car Dealerships etc... actually any large area that requires improved lighting and reduced operating cost.


  • Homes and Business usage will equate to better visibility, safety and lower electric bills. Don't continue to waste money.                  
  • Energy Saving - Highest Lumen's with the Lowest Wattage Usage of comparable technologies.
  • Earth Friendly - Lowest Mercury usage in the industry.
(discarded lamps contaminate)
  • Brightest & Whitest Light - White Reflected Light (late morning);
CRI=86 @ 5100° K (a Balanced Spectrum light).
  • Fluorescent, Decorative, Tungsten Halogen, L.E.D and H.I.D's.
  • We provide for new installs, replacements, retro-fits and upgrades!
  • Ballast, Fixtures and Accessories available.
  • Cost Saving - Longer life. Lower energy bill. Reduced lamp replacement which will reduces labor and waste.
  • Direct shipment of product to your specified locations.
    (No more trips to buy or replace lamps)
    (M.E. will replace free w/ the return of defective product under guarantee)


MERCURY INDUSTRY CO LTD founded in 2003, is a High-Tech enterprise devoted to Developing, Manufacturing and Marketing of Led Lighting. With 12 years experience of Lighting System design and production, we possess a strong R&D capacity, talent technician, world first-class equipment and rich experience in optoelectronic field, we have gained a good reputation in the past years in international market.

Mercury Industry creates beautiful, comfortable, safe and energy saving environment Led Lighting products, offer customer the best application solution, and develop the lighting system efficaciously and rapidly. 

Mercury relies on outstanding strategy, efficient management team and professional technicians to develop the technology and provide solutions all over the world. Making a safe, environment-protected, energy-saved, compliance to Low-carbon lifestyle is our objective while pursuing innovation as we progress... that is our goal!.

Pricing available upon request from either solution above!

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