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Premium Lighting References: 

      (Complete the form and see the cost savings - you must provide specific data)

      *Balanced Spectrum whiter light improves visual acuity & depth perception.
      *Balanced Spectrum whiter light increases contrast and is better for plants.

Bio-Diesel References:
(The below information relates to technologies being implemented by Olympia Green Fuels, Diversified Energy and OriginOil)


(Algae yields greater than 5,000 gallons per acre and does not compete in the food  industry like other feedstock... the bio-mass has other uses livestock feed and dyes)

(The global information support resource for the algae fuels industry)
(An existing market needing more retailer's; become one w/ a Bio-Diesel Processor)

Energy News:

The Corporation
(Don't get frustrated... educate yourself... learn and do what they do!)
(Chapters 1, 5 and 8 provide excellent information... viewing all 23 requires 2.5 hours)

Oil & Gas References:      

(Through out its fluctuations gas prices have increased steadily; expect more usage)

     (Expect oil prices to increase to above $85 per barrel before 2011)

      (Diatoms are used in this process... see what Diatoms are below)

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